21 XI 2020 r. - Laudato si and Missions

International Association of Catholic Missiologists i Katedra Misjologii UKSW

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Laudato si' and Missions

Klaus Vellguth / Wojciech Kluj - Welcome & Introduction

Frans Wijsen - The Ecological Concern as a Common Challenge - Muslims and Christians in Indonesia

Thomas Fornet Ponse - A fraternal humanism as mission to creation - The holistic perspective of  Laudato si' and its socio-ethical and missiological consequences

Wojciech Kluj - Ecological Conversion and Missions

Gerard Moorman - Historical Background of Laudato si' and Mission

Stefan Silber - Indigenous Knowledge in a Mission for Eco-justice - "Everything in the world is connected" (LS 16)

Paul Steffen - Eco-sensitive Answers of the Church in Different Continents with Focus on Africa, Asia and Latin America

Klaus Vellguth - Eco-Spiritualities in Dialogue

Isis Ibrahim - Christianity as a Universal Resource among Others? - Creation Faith in an Intercultural and Interreligious Perspective


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